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The inception of Rock Ledge Group’s PPE division began with the trust earned after delivering N95 NIOSH certified masks to Boston Children’s Hospital.

Rock Ledge Group is dedicated to supplying Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the healthcare industry and businesses alike. When COVID-19 hit, our team was immediately compelled to step up and help every healthcare worker and at-risk citizen. With over 45 combined years of global sourcing and logistics expertise, doing our part meant accelerating the supply of quality products that are limited due to global demand. Our factories, and our range of PPE products, are vigorously vetted based on performance, quality, authenticity, compliance certifications and available capacity.

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Global supplier of Medical grade PPE equipment. As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, hospitals and communities around the world need protective equipment more than ever before. This was a huge opportunity for us to help manufacture and distribute PPE to our most sensitive communities.


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Rock Ledge Group is committed to the revitalization of factories and communities impacted by the global slow-down in retail manufacturing. Our partnership in Cambodia exemplifies this accomplishment. Simply put, our goal has always been to develop high demand through product innovation that results in jobs kept and communities thriving.

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